cello-20The cello is like a very large violin which is held between the knees and is supported by a pin which rests on the ground. Cellists sit on a normal chair to play, unlike double bass players, who sit on a high stool. The cello has four strings and can be played with a bow, or by plucking the strings (which is called pizzicato). The cello has a wonderful, warm sound. You can play very low, but also quite high. It is a very versatile instrument, equally suited for beautiful accompaniments, swinging bass lines and virtuoso solos.
Cellos play an important role in ensembles and orchestras, giving cellists many opportunities to play in all kinds of groups. Cello parts are extremely varied – from melodies together with the violins, to bass lines together with the double basses, to beautiful solo melodies. Cellos are available in smaller sizes for children, which makes it possible to start the cello at a very early age.