gitaar-20Guitar (acoustic, electric)

The guitar is a very old instrument which has always been popular. The earliest guitars in Europe date back to the 14th century, 6-stringed guitars, as we know them today, since the 18th century.

There are Spanish classical guitars with nylon strings, and acoustic guitars with steel strings. Al acoustic guitars have a hollow body which amplifies the sound. Both instruments are played with the thumb and fingers or nails, or with a plectrum.

All acoustic guitars can be used for many different types of Music, such as Latin, pop, folk, finger style, finger picking, or slaggitaar.
Classical music is played on the Spanish classical guitar. Acoustic guitars are used for accompaniment and also as solo instruments.
The classical guitar repertoire is very extensive, ranging from the baroque composers, such as Vivaldi, to the virtuoso works of Paganini, to present-day composers such as Berio.
The electric guitar and bass guitar do not have a hollow body and are amplified electronically. They are used for pop, rock blues and jazz.
Guitars are available in children’s sizes.