trumpet-20The trumpet is one of the oldest instruments. The prototype was made of a cow horn. In the bible, descriptions of the destructive power of the trumpet can already be found. Because of what people hear in military or marching bands, they often think the trumpet is only good for making lots of noise. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The trumpet is a very lyrical, melodic instrument and can produce sounds ranging from tender to aggressive. Maybe that’s one of the reasons the trumpet is such a good “pressure valve” for every day stress.

Depending on their physical development, a child can begin to learn the trumpet from the age of 8. However, they must have a complete set of teeth (front teeth must be adult teeth) which must also be suited for playing the trumpet.

Sometimes learning to play the trumpet seems harder than expected. It all looks so easy, but it takes practise and perseverance to be able to play even a simple tune nicely. Luckily, the patience is worth it – the trumpet is suited to many types of music (classical, jazz, pop) and any location (home, church, outdoors etc.). It is an inexpensive instrument and is easily transported. After a year of study, students have usually acquired sufficient skills to be able to enjoy them, for example by playing in a (beginner’s) orchestra or ensemble.

The trumpet is widely used as a solo instrument, but also in many types of ensembles, such as the symphony orchestra and marching bands. There is a large repertoire for trumpet ensembles. Trumpets also play an important role in big-bands, jazz-combo’s en funkbands.

Everything which has been said about the trumpet also applies to other instruments of the trumpet family, such as the bugel, flugelhorn or cornet. The timbre of each instrument is different due to the differences in build (shape).

A beginner’s instrument can be purchased from around € 350,00. A better instrument, which will not impede progress during the first 10 years will cost roughly twice that amount. Good maintenance can help an instrument to last longer but will not improve the quality. On a better trumpet, it is easier to play high, low, soft, fast….in other words, the student will progress more quickly. Generally people don’t make this investment in the first year. Luckily, it is possible to rent instruments. It is advisable to consult with the teacher before choosing / purchasing an instrument.