A weekend masterclass

A Weekend masterclass on vocal and performance technique
Singing workshops for advanced amateurs (also first year conservatory students!) and a special weekend workshop for beginners.

The Hague Music Academy presents “A Weekend Masterclass on Vocal and Performance Technique”, a series of master classes for advanced (classical) voice students. Each course offers students the opportunity to study a lied or aria of their choice, both individually and in ensemble, with the guest tutor. Special attention is given to voice and performance technique.

Students are expected to prepare the works they have chosen in advance, and preferably to have learnt them by heart, so that it will be possible to work in depth during the master class. Solos, but also duets and trios or even quartets are welcome. For each solo, approximately 20 minutes is allotted. Where applicable, the teachers select ensemble pieces; the scores will be sent to the students well in advance. During the course, several hours will be spent on the ensemble pieces.

Each Saturday culminates in a presentation during which every student performs their chosen solo piece. The concert is open to the public!

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Weekend masterclass on vocal and performance technique 2023-2024
October 2022: Friday 20th and Saturday 21th