Chester L. Brandes (guitar)

During my teenage years my musical preference was already wide: I listened a lot to rock, pop, metal and world music. My older brother played in a rock band and that was a reason for me to also play the guitar. However, when I first heard classical guitar music I couldn’t believe my ears: it was love at the first chord!

So I made a conscious choice to eventually study classical guitar – first my Bachelor at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and then my Master at the Messiaen Academy (Artez) in Arnhem.

Besides guitar, I also play ukulele and pantam (a percussion instrument). I am also the founder and conductor of a guitar orchestra: Het HGO. I founded this guitar orchestra to give my students an opportunity to make music together with other guitarists.

I have been teaching with pleasure in the The Hague region for over 15 years now. I have experience with students aged 5 to 65+ in different styles, such as classical, pop, rock and bossa nova.

A guitar lesson from me?

That is professional attention for you and your instrument. I think it is important that you learn good posture and playing technique so that you can play easier and more beautifully. Your wishes are paramount, so we rely on music you like as much as possible!

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