Jana Suilen (horn)

Jana Suilen (1984) started playing the horn at the age of ten. The beautiful sound of the horn immediately appealed to her. She was driven to master this special instrument completely. This was one of the reasons to study with Herman Jeurissen at the conservatories of Tilburg and The Hague. There she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively.

After her studies in the Netherlands, Jana studied for another year and a half in Germany at the “Hochschule für Musik und Theater” in Hanover, with Professor Markus Maskuniitty. In addition to her studies, Jana took several master classes with various renowned horn players, including Peter Damm, Jacob Slagter, Radovan Vlatkovich, Frøydis Ree Wekre and Jasper de Waal.  Jana regularly substitutes in various professional orchestras. She also played in the National Youth Orchestra several times and was part of the JongNBE (Young Dutch Wind Ensemble).

Besides playing in various professional orchestras, Jana plays as a horn player in the Zeeland Orchestra. Chamber music is also one of Jana’s passions. She played in various wind quintets, but also in various other ensembles, with strings, wind instruments, vocals and piano. Jana is a certified horn teacher. She likes to pass on her experience and pleasure in horn playing.


Lesson types: individual lessons, duo-lessons, trio-lessons, group lessons, minimum age about 8 years

Languages: Dutch, English, German