Liesbeth Vreeburg (harp)

Nederland, Amsterdam, 26 oktober 2015
Liesbeth Vreeburg, harpist
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foto: Merlijn Doomernik

Liesbeth Vreeburg studied at the Utrecht Conservatory with Erika Waardenburg. In June 2008, Liesbeth graduated cum laude for her Bachelor’s. Afterwards she followed the master’s course in performance, and graduated with a 9.5.

In the master’s program, she focused on the contemporary repertoire for harp and improvisation. In addition, she immersed herself in historical performance practice on single-action pedal harps from the eighteenth century.

In addition to her lessons with Erika Waardenburg, she took classes with Constance Allanic (Renaissance and Baroque harp), Ned McGowan (Carnatic music from India), guitarist Marc van Vugt (composition) and organist Jaap Zwart (improvisation).

Liesbeth won several prizes, including a first prize at the competition of the Netherlands Young Music Talent Foundation. She received lessons from Isabelle Moretti, Germaine Lorenzini, Edward Witsenburg and Godelieve Schrama, among others.

Liesbeth is active as a musician in various music theater and chamber music ensembles. The Oneiros Ensemble, which she founded, played in the small hall of the Concertgebouw in January 2012. With Theatergroep Fien, she tours throughout the country with their youth theatre performances. She also worked with the Noord-Nederlands Toneel, the Eef van Breen Group, Stargaze and Orkater.

Liesbeth also works as a substitute for Dutch orchestras, including the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the North Netherlands Orchestra, the Gelders Orchestra, the Ballet Orchestra, formerly Holland Symfonia, and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Languages: Dutch, English Teaching methods: individual, duo, group

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