Max Többen (muziekland courses for children – guitar)

Max Többen thinks one shouldn’t wait to make music together.
All children should immediately go to the Muziekland children’s courses at the music academy.
Together with teacher Vanessa, teacher Claudia and all the children we make a wonderful music party.
Educational and formative.

Max gives guitar lessons at the MDH together with Ruud Pennings, Chester L. Brandes and Machiel van Egdom.
Max teaches on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
Max has been working in music education for over 35 years as a teacher of general musical education and a guitar teacher at various music schools and as a music teacher in primary school.
Max went to the conservatory in Hilversum in 1978. Studied classical guitar with Andreas van Hall and later with Lydia Kennedy.
He studied early music learning with Henk Waardenburg. Easy listening music with Wim Overgaauw and pop guitar music with Dick Visser in Amsterdam.

In addition to teaching, Max plays in various chamber music ensembles, has a recording studio and has formed the Westlands Guitar Duo with his wife for many years.
You can’t start making music early enough. Many books and reports have been written about the positive contribution it has on development in children, but the most important thing is of course that you never have to say later:

“If only I had started much earlier.” Bye.
Teaching methods: individual to classroom

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