Peter le Feber (oboe and piano)

I was born as Peter le Feber in The Hague in 1956. Studied Oboe and Piano at The Hague and the Rotterdam Conservatories.

My oboe teachers were Simon Houttuin, Maarten Karres and Jan Spronk.
As an oboe teacher I was associated with the Hague Choir House for 30 years.
During that time, I tried to instill a love for the oboe in many students and guided many young oboists on their way to professional studies.
My starting point is to share my love for music with people and embark on a musical journey together.

My oboe lessons are aimed at developing a good, reliable technique with many expression possibilities, learning to play this difficult instrument as well as possible. I concentrate on learning things such as posture, breathing, embouchure and musical development in a relaxed, pleasant way, to learn as well as possible. After all, incorrectly learned things are very difficult to unlearn.
Once there are enough basic skills, I am very focused on learning to play together as quickly as possible. First with piano and as soon as there is a sufficient basis, I encourage children to play in one of the Hague Youth Orchestras and adults in one of the many Hague Amateur Orchestras.

I try to prepare oboe reeds myself in class and also organize special reed mornings.
I conducted the Hofstads Blazers Ensemble of the Hofstads Youth Orchestra for 6 years. I have also been conducting a Blazers Ensemble of adults called Giusto for more than 30 years. /

Teaching methods: individual, duo-lessons, trio-lessons, Singer Songwriter, Oboe making, preparatory classes for conservatory entrance auditions.

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French