Ronald Dijkstra (Vocals)

Ronald Dijkstra has extensive experience in giving singing lessons, both to amateurs and professional singers, individually and to groups, in almost all styles.

My motto: “I want to teach my students how to sing technically and I want to teach them to sing from their hearts!”
To make the voice sound as free as possible, I pay a lot of attention to the technique of the vocal instrument.
Good breathing, sound, posture, diction, … all aspects are discussed.
In addition, I have developed a method to sing “techniqueless”: you no longer use your technique as an end in itself but as a means to express yourself, to sing from your heart. ”

Besides singing and choral conducting, I also studied piano for many years. As a result, I accompany my students on the piano, which is perceived by all my students as very positive.
Besides giving singing lessons, I also have a career as a solo singer in oratorios and opera, I conduct a number of choirs and occasionally perform as a pianist and accompanist.

Teaching methods: individual lessons, group lessons, choral formation, pianist accompaniment for singers

Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian