Misha Schreiner (piano – pop-piano)

Misha Schreiner

Hi! Thanks for being interested in one of my lessons.

In our first lesson I will always ask you what your musical aspirations are. With this in mind we can start to shape your lessons. You can learn to play piano, read music notation, write your own songs, develop your musical ear, improvise, arrange and accompany yourself and other singers. I teach all levels and ages 6 years and up.

I started making music by imitating and playing music I would hear. During highschool I started playing in a band and learned how much fun it is to play music with other people, write songs, perform and record original music. During my studies at the Conservatory I was taught how to accompany, improvise, teach and play many different styles. During my studies I started teaching and enjoy doing this very much.

I’m also a songwriter and play and record my music with my band. If you’d like to perform or have an audition, I can help you prepare and coach you.

I would love to see you in my lessons!