KOEN GIJSMAN (piano – jazz piano)

Hi! My name is Koen Gijsman (23) and I’m one of the (jazz) piano teachers at the MDH. I started playing the piano at the age of four and ever since, I’ve been developing myself across the board. I became interested in jazz and blues piano when I was seven.

During my education at the ArtEZ Academy of Music I’ve become familiar with different genres, such as bebop, free jazz, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian music. I’ve finished my bachelors in jazz and pop – piano and keys, which means that pop music, music production, and synthesisers are also familiar to me.

During my time at the conservatory, I completed a double degree in philosophy at the Utrecht University. At the moment Utrecht is also my hometown. I am currently enrolled in the master jazz piano at Codarts in Rotterdam, where I’m working hard on composing and arranging my own music.