Claudia Seevinck (music courses for children)

Claudia Seevinck is a primary school music teacher.

She specializes in teaching very young children. Claudia introduces young children to all facets of music in a playful way. In her singing lessons (!) she plays various instruments and connects music with movement and play. Parents / guardians / grandparents also actively participate in music groups with very young children (from 1½ years).

For many years, she worked very enthusiastically at the Koorenhuis in The Hague and is still working at the VAK in Delft, where she also gives theatre and visual arts lessons to young children in addition to music. Claudia Seevinck also teaches vocals, guitar and recorder.

Teacher Claudia is a household name in The Hague. In recent years, many thousands of children from The Hague and the surrounding area have followed her lessons with great pleasure.
Musicality, creativity and enthusiasm are central to her lessons.
The perception of the child is always the starting point.
Claudia Seevinck is a co-founder and actively involved in the Maclava foundation, which focuses on music theatre projects for children.
Teaching methods: Muziekland children’s courses

Languages: Dutch, English