Coen Wolfgram (clarinet)

Coen has over 25 years of experience as a music teacher at the former Koorenhuis in The Hague and the SKVR Music School in Rotterdam. In his clarinet lessons, pleasure in playing, learning a thorough basic technique and playing together go hand in hand.

In addition to his work as a clarinet teacher, he works as a Project Manager Music for primary education at KOO, an art education organization in The Hague.

Coen studied clarinet and ensemble management at the Music Pedagogical Academy in Leeuwarden. After obtaining his teaching qualification, he studied further with Walter Boeykens at the Rotterdam Conservatory for a degree in Performance, with a specialization in Chamber Music and Bass Clarinet.

Lesson formats: individual, duo-lessons, trio-lessons, group, beginners and advanced

Languages: Dutch, English and German