Nicolette Heerema (piano)

My lessons are aimed at developing the musical taste of the student as widely as possible.
It is also necessary to learn to understand the language of music: what is music like?
I think playing from the awareness and the knowledge of harmony is very important: we explore which chords are used in a piece of music, and how.

To master notation, but also to learn to improvise, that knowledge of the chords is again very useful.
We learn how best to practise and how to approach a new piece of music, based on a good technique, to get as much freedom and expression in your playing as possible.

Since this 2018, I have been teaching at the Music Academy. I have had a long life in music, in various areas: theatre productions, chamber music ensembles, in modern music ensembles, orchestras, as a pianist / repetitor and conductor with various choirs. Until recently, I was pianist at the ballet department of the Royal Conservatoire, where I also worked as a piano teacher.

Languages ​​Dutch, English