Trienke San Giorgi (viola – piano)

Trienke could read notes before she could read. She gave music lessons when she was eight years old.
From the age of twelve she accompanied students of flute, violin and cello teachers with piano at recitals of the Arnhem music school.
She was concertmaster of the inter-scholar orchestra and was also on the board there.

Trienke started at the Conservatory in Amsterdam and graduated in The Hague with degrees in both piano and viola. And all the while, she taught and played together with great pleasure.
She was a teacher at the music school of The Hague since 1987, which later became part of the Koorenhuis.
Trienke has taught at the Hague Music Academy since 2013.

Teaching methods: individual lesson, duo-lessons, trio-lessons, group lessons, all ages, beginners and advanced.

Languages: Dutch, English, German, and some French