Leah Uijterlinde (voice)

Music is magic!

She has the power to take you and every one around you on a journey.
The amazing thing about music, is that everybody understands!
With the language of music, you can communicate all over the world!
We might not have the same accent, but if we want, we will always find a way to play together and have loads of fun!
Music can be your best friend, who never complains and always stands by your side.

My name is Leah Uijterlinde. I graduated from the conservatory of Rotterdam, Codarts, on vocals. like to sing in various styles and i also play different instruments. From pop to jazz, world music to Cabaret, i have some knowledge to share!

Music is the best way for me to express.
When I sing, play or clarinet, each note has a meaning. My study helped me to express myself exactly as I want in technical and artistic aspect, and this is what i would like to share with you!

I would like you to experience the same freedom when you sing!

If you come to class with me, we will create a lesson plan together.

We will look at your  experience and your ambitions.
It does not matter wether you just want to sing under the shower, or if you want to perform on big stages. I can offer you my help.

  • Tecnique  (Breath support, posture, etc.)
  • Song-Writing
  • Song accompaniment (accompanying yourself on the piano)
  • Jazz: Improvisation, repertoire
  • Pop: Technique, Interpretation, Repertoire
  • Song / Text Interpretation (how do you make something authentic)
  • Stage Presentation
  • If you play in a band, it is also possible to dedicate a lesson to a rehearsal / performance in order for me to provide structured feedback.
  • I also have experience in giving music workshops to groups. I’m in the possession of a VOG, which legally enables me to work with kids.

You can find me on YouTube as Leah Uijterlinde.
Here you will also find a link to my own big group project Madhara.

In addition to my jazz trio, I am also a regular member of The Magic Mumble Jumble, and Jon Tarifa. In addition, I do many loose collaborations.

Would you like to give it a try? Sign up for a free trial lesson!