Temporary relocation

You have undoubtedly noticed that the Berlage-Huis, where the Music Academy is located, is currently undergoing complete renovations. During the demolition phase in December, major electrical problems were discovered on the other side of the souterrain. In order to solve these problems, all electricity in the building would need to be shut off for about 3 weeks. To avoid having to close for several weeks, we decided to opt for a temporary relocation. This will also permit us to finally effectuate the last phase of our own renovations (studios 12 thru 18) during that period. Another advantage is that we will be able to avoid the considerable disturbance of the construction above and beside us.

It was not easy to find even a relatively suitable building anywhere near the Music Academy.
We finally decided on the closest location:
the F building of the ANWB head office complex,
Wassenaarsweg 220.
As of Monday February 17th all lessons will be there. We expect to return to the Raamweg at the beginning of July. We realize that this is all very sudden, but the details were only confirmed today.

There is free access to the parking lot.
The Music Academy will be situated on the 5th and 6th floors.
During the first week, there will be extra volunteers to help everybody find their way.

Important: Access cards:

  • For safety reasons, the building security must know at all times which people are present in the buildings.
  • All students and will receive an access card. Your access card opens the turnstile by the entrance of the building (just past the reception desk) and also opens the barrier to exit the parking lot. The card remains valid for as long as you are following lessons at the Music Academy and we are still in the ANWB building.
  • Parents/guardians who always accompany their child, i.e. very young children, can also get an access card. If your child is old enough to go upstairs alone, this could be preferable.
  • People who come incidentally will receive a day-card for visitors.

The first time you come: Please bring an A4 paper on which the full first and last name of the student is written and give it to the receptionist at the ANWB desk. The ANWB will make the card, which you will receive immediately. The cards are numbered and will subsequently be registered, together with the name of the student.

If you always accompany your child (i.e. very young children): please bring a separate A4 paper with your full first and last name on it and submit it at the ANWB reception desk; then a card will also be made for you.

In all other cases, people will receive a visitor’s day-card.

We realize that the distance/travel time (6 minutes by car, 8 minutes by bicycle) to the temporary location might be problematic for some. Should this be the case, we’ll do our best to find a solution, but of course we hope the problems will be minimal. The positive side of the situation is that the lessons will be able to continue without interruption, that we will no longer be disturbed by the construction and that, when we return after several months, it will be to a beautiful, completely renovated Music Academy.

Our Post address does not change:  Raamweg 36, 2596 HN Den Haag

Thank you for your understanding,